Interior/Exterior Design & Video Rendering Course

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Module 1: Introduction

  • Explaining File Tab, Quick Access and Info Centre.
  • Properties Palette and Project Browser.
  • Explaining Status Bar, View Controls and Context Menu.
  • How to Navigate the Drawing Area.

Module 2: Introduction to Wall Panels and Walls.

  • Explaining Wall Properties palette.
  • How to Move, Copy, Rotate and use Trim Extend.
  • How to use different Functions.
  • Building Levels
  • Explaining Grid System Model.

Module 3: Architectural Columns

  • How to Place External Walls.
  • How to Place Internal Walls.
  • How to Use Equality Constraints.
  • How to Place the Ground Floor Slab.
  • How to Place a boundary footpath.
  • How to create Interior Materials.

Module 4: Adding a Wall Opening

  • How to Place Doors from the Type Selector.
  • How to Load Doors from the Library.
  • Editing the Walls Profile to create an opening.
  • How to Increase Top Constraint.
  • How to Add a Shaft Opening to the slab.
  • Selection Filter.

Module 5: Introduction to roofs by Footprint

  • How to Create a project stair.
  • Pitched roof by Footprint.
  • Explaining Curtain walls.
  • How to Construct a Curtain wall.
  • Curtain Wall Rear and Front.

Module 6: Introduction to Reflected Ceilings

  • Near Clip and Layer.
  • Explaining Fog and Atmospherics in Lumion.
  • How to do Color Correction.
  • Explaining Vignette Camera Effect.
  • Explaining Bloom Lens Effect.
  • Exporting Your Final Rendering.

Module 7: Introduction to Dimensions

  • Explaining Witness Lines.
  • Introduction to Tags.
  • How to Place Window Tags.
  • How to Create a Door Schedule.
  • Creating a Door and Window Legend.

Module 8: Introduction to Shadows and Sun settings

  • Creating a One-Day Solar Study.
  • How to Render a second image.
  • How to Modify a Walkthrough.
  • How to Create a Walkthrough over two levels.

Module 9: Opening a Sheet and overview

  • How to Set up a Sheet.
  • How to add Render views and Callouts to Sheet.
  • Loading an A2 Title-block.
  • Page Setup and Printing.

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