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Module 1: Introduction

  • Explaining System Requirements.
  • Giving Overview and Navigating.
  • Marking menus and using Hotbox.
  • How to Customize the Interface.
  • How to use Maya workspace.

Module 2: Getting Started In Maya

  • How to select objects & use tools.
  • Rotating and scaling.
  • Explaining the Channel Box.
  • How to Work with Attribute Editor.
  • Explaining Duplicate objects.

Module 3: Creating Objects

  • Explanation of Hypergraph.
  • Hide and show objects.
  • How to Create layers.
  • How to work with selection masks.
  • Explaining the difference between NURBS and polygon.
  • How to create polygonal objects.
  • How to Use Soft Selection and Symmetry.

Module 4: Adding Components & References

  • Combine and separate.
  • Explanation of Boolean tools.
  • How to use Brush tools.
  • Model against reference.
  • How to work with edge loops.
  • Using of Extrude tool.
  • Explanation of Mirror and merge components.
  • How to use Bevel tool.

Module 5: How to use Components and Tools

  • How to use Polygon Bridge tool.
  • How to use Modeling Toolkit.
  • How to work with subdivision surfaces.
  • How to use Edge Flow.
  • Explaining NURBS components.
  • How to use the NURBS curve tools.

Module 6: Using Shapes

  • How to use isoparms to refine NURBS surfaces.
  • Creating curves on a surface.
  • How to trim NURBS surfaces.
  • How to convert NURBS to polygons.
  • Explaining the basic shader types.
  • How to work with Arnold materials.
  • Opacity and refraction.
  • How to Create and apply maps.

Module 7: Explanation of Bitmaps, Hypershade

  • How to use bitmaps as texture.
  • Working with the Hypershade window.
  • How to apply multiple materials.
  • Project textures on NURBS surfaces.
  • Explanation of Maya lights.
  • Explaining cameras.
  • How to use the Light Editor.

Module 8: Arnold render settings

  • How to Use Maya lights in Arnold.
  • Image-based lighting and skydomes.
  • How to add depth of field in Arnold.
  • How to create motion blur in Arnold.
  • How to do Render animation in Arnold.

Module 9: Understanding the animation interface

  • How to animate objects using Set Key.
  • How to modify keys in the Graph Editor.
  • How to modify keys in the Dope Sheet.
  • Animate objects along spline paths.
  • Use of Grease Pencil tool.
  • How to create animation cycles.

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