3ds MAX & VRAY

Interior/Exterior Design & Video Rendering Course

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Module 1: Introduction to 3ds MAX

  • Introduction to Standard Primitives.
  • Explaining Shapes in 3ds Max.

Module 2: Getting Spline Modeling

  • How to Set Reference Image in viewport.
  • Explaining all Tools.
  • Explaining Modifier.
  • Extrude Modifier.
  • Chair and Table Modeling in 3ds Max.

Module 3: Poly Modeling Introduction

  • Editing Poly Selection.
  • Explaining Attach and Detach Tools.
  • How to Create Doors.
  • Explaining Tools.
  • Extrude Tool, Hinge From Edge Tool. Extrude Along Spline Tool.
  • Bridge and Connect tool.

Module 4: Floor Plan Modeling

  • Explaining Bevel tool and Insert tool.
  • Copy, Instance, Reference, Mirror Tool and Spacing Tool.
  • How to do Unit Setup and Grid Spacing.
  • How to Create Walls and Stairs. 
  • Designing Maingate.

Module 5: Texturing and Lighting with Arnoldil

  • Explaining Arnold Render Settings
  • Use of Spot and Distant light
  • Explaining Environment Lighting
  • Arnold Metal and Glass Materials
  • Wireframe Rendering in Arnold Room.max

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